About us

Who we are

Passion with dogs is our biggest life-hobby. Since 2001 we are united by club “RETO”, a member of LKF.
We have become one of the biggest, most profession and friendliest all-breed dog club in Latvia.

In 18 years our thoughtfully tended sapling has grown into a lushous fruit tree!

Mission statement

Desire to spread positive and humane attitude towards dog breeding.
So that a puppy becomes a loved family pet for many years, we only breed healthy, mentally stable animals of predictable behavior.

Because an apple does not fall from the apple tree even in the dog world!

Become a member

  • And you will gain new friends and like-minded acquaintances
  • Get to know different countries by participating in dog shows
  • Attend seminars and courses, improving your knowledge in cynology
  • train you dog with experiences and nice instructors
  • Raise puppies, while following all LR regulations and LKF requirements
  • And be proud with the fruits of your labor!